Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Look inside the Denali Mansion

Welcome to the Denali Mansion in, Denali, Alaska.

Here's an inside look into our home in which we have remodel over the years. Added new rooms and features along with redoing the landscaping.

When you first walk into the house you will see the Front entrance. which was elegantly redone two years ago.

Turn the corner is the Formal Living room and Dining Room.

Each room has a very different feel and Theme but match perfectly well with each other.

Down the hall and around the corner we have the family library. We have collected many pieces of literature over the years as well as artifacts, scrolls and paintings. 

Ok... Now Through this passageway is the Home Theater Room. It was a small office but we decided to have somewhere we could all watch movies together. 

Lets Head up stairs.....
 Ok Now this Room and Bath is Eleazar and Carmen's. Shh don't tell them I let you in here.

-Walk out there room and heads to Kate's opening the door doing in.- This is my sister Kate room.

Okay lets head to my room.

All of our Walk-in Closets are the Same.

We also have extra room for our guest who come to visit.

-Takes the back stairs-
This is the Two Part Family Room

This is my Art room where i keep my painting and sketching supply's and where I go when i need to escape the world -chuckle-

Lets Head outside. We have a lot of property that surrounds our house and a few Gardens.

My favorite garden is the Japanese Garden that is being worked on. But you will have to check back later to see it. -chuckle-

Now You have Seen the inside and outside of our Beautiful Home in Denali, Alaska. I hope you Like what you have seen. -Waves- Bye!

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